Hood River

I have some bittersweet news: we're moving back to New England on August 1st! We moved from Connecticut to Portland three years ago to pursue graduate school, and now that both of us have finished (and Drew has been offered a job in Connecticut), we're moving back. I'm heartbroken to leave this beautiful, food-centric city, but I'm looking forward to being close to our family and dear friends again.

In the midst of packing, yard sales and tying up loose ends, we've been trying to visit our favorite spots one last time. Yesterday, our friends Jill and Jeremy joined us on a jam-packed day in Hood River. We hiked to Punchbowl Falls in the morning, picked Rainier cherries, did a wine tasting and ended the day with pizza and beer at Double Mountain Brewery. Oregon, you're a majestic place, and I will miss you terribly.